Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to American Dental Plan’s New Blog.

We have now officially entered the blogosphere!

American Dental Plan has been operating in the state of Arizona since 1978 and we are proud to be Arizona’s oldest voluntary dental plan. It has been our pleasure to continue to offer great plans and programs to so many Arizonans that need our dental plan solutions.

American Dental Plan is reaching out to help the unemployed. Perhaps you have recently experienced such a hardship. Please, take advantage of our limited-time offer to ensure that you and your family keep up with your routine exams and dental care.

As more Arizona families are dealing with continued employment layoffs and having to stretch their dwindling dollars, American Dental Plan continues to help those in times of need.

For a limited time, American Dental Plan is offering a free dental plan membership to any family that has lost their employment this year (new members only). Just pay the one-time processing fee of $10 and your entire family will receive a six-month trial membership. American Dental Plan membership allows you to access our network of over 650 participating dentists throughout Arizona. The dental plan provides one free exam and four x-rays per year - along with savings up to 40% on cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, braces and much more!

This special offer is only available by calling (602) 265-6677 and enrolling on the phone and using a major credit card for the processing fee of $10. Complete information regarding the fee schedule, the list of participating dentists and a brief description of the dental plan can be found at www.arizdental.com.

You will have the option of renewing your dental plan in six months at the current yearly pricing starting at only $59.

As a provider, we understand that benefits come and go with employment, but dental problems can occur at any time. Again, I encourage you to enroll and continue your annual check-ups and cleanings to avoid larger costs down the road.

Feel free to come back and visit our blog any time for updates!

Keep Smiling!
Charles Jackson,
Serving Arizona Since 1978