Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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There is still much ado about health reform and how dental health coverage will prevail. When it comes to reform debates, the main question that comes to the minds of the masses is “what’s in it for me?”

That’s a good question for you, me and everybody, because it impacts every person who has teeth.

According to an article posted on March 24, 2010 at www.WorlDental.org, titled, How Dental Care Will Be Changed by Health care Reform, health reform may bring some big changes in the arena of dental care due to an expansion of coverage for individuals in need once health reform is initiated. In addition, new reform will have a lasting effect on the field of dentistry and the type of dental care that people will receive, especially children.

Hopefully, more funding will be available to help educate the public about adequate oral hygiene, preventative measures, and proper care to optimize dental health. That is where dental problems begin – and where they can be solved.

In another article featured on April 22, 2010 at WorlDental.org: Dental Insurance Options and Dental Plan, they discuss the many dental coverage options and plans available for individuals and their families who need some form of coverage.
Depending on your income and needs, dental coverage can vary greatly – as addressed in the article (http://worldental.org/dental-insurance/dental-insurance-dental-plan-coverage/1282/).

But for the millions of people who cannot afford the high cost of dental insurance, and for those who do not have insurance provided by their employers, accessing affordable plans remains an issue.

Let’s face it, dentistry is expensive. People dread having to go to the dentist, especially if they do not have any form of coverage and they have to pay 100% out of pocket. Ouch!

According to most people, dental insurance seems the best option, but as the article points out, there set backs, as denoted in this quote:

“If you decide to opt for regular dental insurance, be prepared to deal with financial restrictions; these plans are often accompanied with a cap on the payments that will be covered by dental plan for the period of a year. The limits placed on dental insurance plans usually include a cap of $1200.00 to $1500.00.”

Discounted dental plans and voluntary programs received merit and bonus points for offering more benefits for less, as stated:

“Generally, a consumer can expect to pay as little as $80.00 every year to as much as $120.00 a year to participate in such dental plan program. The payment of enrollment fees gives individuals access to dentist that will offer dental treatments and procedures at discounted prices; discounts can range from as little as ten percent to as much as sixty percent.

What’s nice about this kind of option is that there are no yearly caps placed on dental plans and the consumer is not responsible for paying any deductibles before discounts can be taken advantage of. What’s more, this type of dental plan can get the consumer discounts on cosmetic dentistry or complex dental procedures whereas such treatments are often not covered with traditional dental insurance coverage.”

American Dental Plan (ADP) is a great option for the entire family. Unlike insurance, there are no waiting periods, no restriction and no limits to coverage. In addition, ADP is a great program to fill the gaps and subsidize insurance.
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