Sunday, February 17, 2013

National Chidren's Dental Health Month Call To Action: Teach, Educate and Care for Your Kids' Teeth

Did you know February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Teaching our children the importance of good oral care is a necessary part of parenting. The earlier you start educating your kids, the better.

If it is easy for dental care to slip our minds as adults, then most likely, it is much easier for our children to forget.

Think about it, for many of us, we may not even visit the dentist until there is discomfort - an ache or pain. We all know what that means, if there is pain, then decay or cavities may be at the “root” of the problem. Remember, root issues can lead to “rotten” results, which means bigger bills in the long run.

Most kids do not know the little signs leading up to bigger dental problems. They only know there is an issue when pain is involved, which is when they will communicate and complain to parents to inform them.
For the little ones, tooth decay is preventable if we follow a few simple rules as parents:

·         Avoid putting babies to bed with bottles filled with anything but water
·         Do not let toddlers carry sippy cups filled with sweetened drinks all day
·         It is best to quench their thirst, but not to keep re-filling with milk and/or sugary drinks, because they can cause decay.
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When is the best time to start setting dentist appointments for your tots? The answer is – as soon as their teeth start growing in. If a child has healthy baby teeth, chances are he or she will have healthy adult teeth as well.