Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don’t Brush Your Teeth …

I’ve heard it said many times, “You don’t need to brush and floss all your teeth; just the one’s you want to keep.”

So, I am not going to suggest you take any extra efforts to brush or floss after meals. Instead, I have listed the dental issues that will occur should you decide to follow the title of this article.

There is no guarantee circumstances will follow the order listed below. But chances are good you’ll experience all or some of the issues. Just determine how much money you want to pay and allow enough time to take place for the situation to occur.

Tooth brush and paste: Cost $5.50

Floss: Cost $1.90

Simple prophy cleaning from the dentist: Regular Cost $90 /ADP price $39

Full mouth debridement from the dentist: Cost $149.00/ADP price $98.00

Two surface filling, molar: Cost $230 /ADP price $102

Periodontal scaling/root planning: Regular Cost $275 per quadrant/ADP price $99 per quad (total of 4 quadrants)

Molar Root Canal: Cost $925/ADP price $589.

Porcelain crown: Cost $900 /ADP price $648

And, should you allow enough time to pass, and the periodontal disease is too advanced to save your teeth, just have all your teeth pulled (provided some haven’t already fallen out) and dentures made - here are the associated costs:

Extractions: $155+ per tooth/ADP price $86+ per tooth. (total of 32 teeth).

Dentures: $1300 per arch/ADP price $749 per arch.

Aside from the financial impact to your wallet, you will contend with constant bad breath, never ending toothaches, occasional infections with bleeding gums, and losing a tooth or two while attempting to eat a meal. (Just think how your new smile will look in the family photos)!

Eventually you will not be able to chew food, so that would be an advantage if you are trying to lose weight.

Should you decide to wait and have your teeth pulled and dentures made, you’ll actually help stimulate the economy. It will allow the dentist to pay for private school for his or her children, or maybe help pay for a summer home in the cool mountains of northern Arizona.

The silver lining in this story is by being a member of American Dental Plan, you’ll be able to save substantially on all your dental needs.

The choice is yours! (Suddenly the idea of brushing and flossing doesn’t seem like an inconvenience anymore). If you were to ask my advice, you have probably already guessed it would be in favor of brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and check ups.

Charles Jackson

American Dental Plan

Note: The above story is not designed to insult or offend anyone who may currently be wearing dentures or has experienced tooth loss. It is intended to help the general population understand the importance of dental hygiene and regular visits to their dentist. Be aware that the cost of dental implants is dramatically more expensive.