Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dental Health: Online is the Best Place to Find Best Practices

In my recent search for topics relating to “best practices for better dental health” I ran across another blog, which sparked this one.

In her post, blogger, Lora Dodge, lamented about the lack of books educating people about oral health, and the correlations between dental hygiene and overall health. In recent years, it has become crystal clear to the medical and dental communities just how important oral health is to your body, shouldn’t there be many books to help others learn and understand how to properly care for their dental health, too?

In her post, she stated: “On a recent trip to my local library in search of books on healthy living, I discovered, to my surprise and dismay, that there were absolutely no books on proper dental care or any dental topic whatsoever. How could that be? Certainly these days' people understand the direct relation their teeth have to their total well-being right? And isn't everyone on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon now? Isn't that the trend?”

Apparently the answer is no. The notion is that people should be following healthier dietary and hygiene trends, but the truth is, reported cases of obesity, diabetes, oral cancer, gum disease, and dental decay are much higher than they should be, which means people have a lot to learn, and practice.

It always starts with healthy eating habits, and brushing and flossing, daily. This check list should be a constant.

She pointed out another interesting fact: there are plenty of books on beauty, fashion, skin care, headaches, mental disorders and other health-related topics, but not dental health care.
I am not surprised that there are many books on fashion, beauty and diets, because we are obsessed with how things look on the exterior. But it is the simple, daily routines that make a difference, like eating right and maintaining our health, from the inside - out.

The Internet is a great resource to learn information about anything, including proper dental health care and best practices for healthy living. Once you find it, learn it and live it for healthier outcomes.