Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use Caution During the Holidays and Festivities

Recently, Dr. Oz discussed the number of heart attacks and emergencies during the holidays due to rich foods, excess, unhealthy eating habits and stress. All of these things can contribute to unfortunate outcomes during festivities with family and friends. Many people disregard symptoms and their first instinct is to wait to address their ailments, until after the holidays. This is not recommended, especially if you are in significant pain. Pain is the body's response to alert you that there is a problem. For example, many people who think they have indigestion may actually be experiencing heart problems that need to be addressed, immediately. Do not take your pain too lightly.

The same applies to oral pain. The holidays are a time to indulge. It is hard to turn down the home-baked goods, sweets, candy, fudge, cookies, fruit cakes and beverages that contain a lot of sugar. Most likely, your teeth will be under attack more than usual during the season, because of the foods we eat. So, make sure to brush, floss and drink a lot of water to neutralize the acids that are going to war on your teeth and gums.

If you should develop a serious tooth ache or experience some other painful oral issue, then call your dentist office to be seen. Do not wait, because more than likely, it will only get worse.

Even during the holidays, your dental office should have a dentist on call to listen to your symptoms, prescribe something if necessary, and help expedite your oral emergency.

Have a happy and safe holiday season and treat your teeth with tender-loving care for best outcomes.