Monday, June 14, 2010

New Applications to Keep You Informed About Your Health

If there is one truth that emerges from the ongoing healthcare reform dialogue, it is this one: “It is up to every individual to look after his or her own health and well being, because no one else will or should care as much as you.”

It is an ongoing debate between the politicians and the people, but while the issue of health reform continues, more Americans are stepping up to take interest and control of their own health. As the medical industry becomes more bogged down with the limitations and legalities that impact their level of care, we the people have access to our greatest allies – the Internet and software developers – the gateways to the latest health information.

The fastest way to access information regarding your dental health is to use the world-wide-web. You can search online, anytime, 24/7 to find the answers you need, especially if it is after hours and you cannot reach your dentist or physician.

As the new healthcare reform initiatives are instituted, various healthcare entities are also taking matters into their own hands to develop user-friendly programs to keep individuals and patients informed. Dentists Management Corporation (DMC) instituted the Dental Optimizer™, a free dental health application offered online to help users learn about:

• the most effective oral treatments available
• the costs for treatments and learn how to reduce dental care costs
• the best ways to prevent dental disease and tooth decay

There are new tools and applications available, like Microsoft HealthVault to help health organizations and individuals learn healthy lifestyle habits and obtain and store personal and family health information.

About Microsoft Health Vault

Microsoft HealthVault is a personal health application platform designed to put consumers in control of their health information. HealthVault provides a security-enhanced foundation on which a broad ecosystem of providers can build innovative health and wellness solutions such as personal health records, disease management, fitness, weight loss and other web applications.

The Dental Optimizer™ uses the Microsoft HealthVault application to enhance their offerings for patients and users.

A recent Medical News Today article announced that the Dental Optimizer™ also launched “a pharmacy module that allows patients to find out if the medications they are taking may impact their oral health. In addition to learning about the side effects of their medications, users can access recommendations from dentists and pharmacists aimed at helping them alleviate potential oral health issues.”

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Check out the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia application for Dental Optimizer, which is a great tool for consumers to better understand the link between their medications and their oral health."