Monday, December 17, 2012

Vitamin D stands for “Defense” Against Dental Cavities

A healthy, balanced diet is important for our teeth and bodies. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, with a healthy dose of quality meats (protein substitutes), cheeses and good carbs are the best combo! Vitamins can certainly help offset any imbalances, too. Recently, several studies have revealed the importance Vitamin D plays in helping to build stronger, healthier teeth in children, and also safeguarding teeth against dental cavities throughout life. 
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Plenty of research studies point out that vitamin D actually lowers the risk of dental cavities to as much as 50% in 3,000 children who were subjected to these studies from many different places, such as US, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and Great Britain.

The benefits of Vitamin D can help people of any age. Pregnant women or mothers of little children should keep in mind that Vitamin D protects against dental cavities, so they should incorporate the supplement into their everyday diet. Pregnant women should take sufficient doses of Vitamin D to protect themselves and the baby, while parents should administer the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D to their kids. If you have questions, just ask your doctor or pediatrician. 

Here are some Foods Containing Vitamin D:

Shiitake & Button Mushrooms

Sardines, Salmon, and Tuna Fish

Cod Liver Oil




Orange Juice