Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Drinks For Healthier Teeth

A baby’s oral health is very important, and it gets them on the road to good oral hygiene. Hydration is a catalyst for this, as they need fluids for proper digestive health function to avoid constipation.

Dental Health Magazine posted information on the different fluids babies need for excellent oral and digestive health. They provide immunity for fighting sickness, strong bones, and healthy teeth. 
The first liquid a baby is acquainted with is often breast milk. This is great for building a tough immune system for the barrage of infections and diseases they’ll face in the first few years of their lives. If the baby is unable to drink breast milk, make sure to give them formula that has whey, as whey-based formula has plenty of protein to produce soft, healthy stools. 

Cow milk with full fat is a good source of calcium for babies. Children can start drinking pasteurized cow milk around one year old. Water is very important for babies from the age of six months, as it protects their oral and bodily health. 

Drinks to avoid include retail products with sweeteners because they promote tooth decay. Unsweetened juices promoting themselves as 100% natural often have white sugar, which also damage teeth and erode tooth enamel with their acidity; they can be given once a day in full form or 2-3 times daily when diluted by half with water. You can give your kids freshly-squeezed orange or apple juice without sugar to provide them with a multitude of vitamins.