Thursday, October 8, 2015

Full Dental Benefits Available to AZ Seniors

Many seniors who have retired from employment have realized that AZ Medicare does not provide routine dental care. And since traditional dental insurance is available mostly to employer groups, and the Affordable Care Act excludes routine dental services, where can an AZ Senior obtain affordable dental care without age or employment restrictions?

American Dental Plan has the Solution!

For a yearly membership fee of only $59* for one person, or $79* for two, members of the dental plan receive an exam and 4 x-rays at no charge (which more than pays for the cost of membership) and savings up to 40% on additional services such as cleanings, fillings, dentures, root canals, bridges and more! There are no waiting periods nor claim forms and over 700 general and specialty dentists participate with the Plan.

Unlike traditional dental insurance, American Dental Plan allows two individuals to enroll as a “couple” as long as they reside in the same residence. They are not required to be married nor does the couple have to include one male and one female.

To learn more about American Dental Plan for Seniors, visit or contact them directly at (602) 265-6677 during normal business hours.

*first year membership requires an additional $10 one-time enrollment fee